Your Child Was Recently Diagnosed with Autism. 
Now What?

Rori Care is here to help you navigate this with your child and family. Book FREE Autism Consultation for Your Child, with our Board Certified Behavior Analyst.
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Navigating a new diagnosis can be jarring and difficult for your child and your family. From the first discovery call, we tailor a development plan led by our compassionate team of experts.

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During this in-depth consultation, we will offer you:

✔ A meeting with your child for an initial understanding of your child’s strengths and needs
✔ Guidance on navigating insurance-based services to help you cover 70-90% of ABA treatment
✔ Tools and resources to support your child’s development and well-being
✔ Emotional support and advice for your family’s journey

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in simple terms?

Imagine a therapy that adapts to your child's unique needs, harnessing the science of learning and behavior.
90% of children achieve notable progress
90% of children achieve notable progress when recommended hours are fully implemented with active caregiver involvement. It’s the only scientifically proven type of treatment for autism that is covered by insurance.
Development plan led by our compassionate team of experts.
From the first discovery call, we tailor a development plan led by our compassionate team of experts. Our therapists work with you and your child using evidence-based strategies to promote positive behavior changes, skill development, and independence for an improved quality of life.
Focused treatment on early intervention
Our focus is on early intensive behavioral intervention, which is crucial for children with autism as it can significantly improve learning, verbal, and social skills.

Autism presents unique challenges...

But with our specialized support, many families have found new pathways to growth, understanding, and joy. Our expertise and compassionate approach can help enhance your child's development and provide a foundation for success.

We accept Insurance

Insurance is accepted, ensuring that your focus can remain on your child’s well-being without financial worry. Let us be a part of your support system, helping to illuminate the path forward with clarity, confidence, and hope.

Examples of ABA Sessions

Learning through play
Token Board

Don't Know Where to Start After an Autism Diagnosis?