50% of time of ABA therapy is writing reports.

We combine personalized therapy with cutting-edge AI to track and prebuild progress reports, offering 50% more time for your child treatment.
Step 1

Automatic data collection

We record sessions, so our clinical team is always present for you child without interrupting to data collection and writing report notes. All data is securely stored, anonymised and deleted after analysis.
Step 2

Analyse functional behaviours
and create progress reports

Our behavior care engine performs functional behaviour analysis for target behaviours and skills and creates automatic progress reports for review and approval by our clinicians.
Step 3

Constantly improving treatment plans based on progress report data

Achieving notable progress is observed in 90% of children when recommended hours are fully implemented with active caregiver involvement.

Our behavior care engine updates behavior intervention and skill acquisition plans after each session based on achieved progress.

Our comprehensive ABA therapy programs are unique to your child

At Rori Care, we envision a world where your child's potential is reached, and your family has the support to make it happen. 

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