Your family is guided
at every step.

Allow our world-class and passionate clinicians at Rori Care to support your family through comprehensive and compassionate Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment.
Free Consultation
Step 1

Know your family
on first consultation

During this consultation, you'll connect with our clinician who will focus on understanding your family priorities and the specific needs of your child. We are committed to working closely with you, taking care of insurance, schedules, coordinating care, and managing all the intricate details.
Step 2

Perform assessment and create an individualised treatment plan

Our expert physicians and therapists will get to know your child through in-person and telehealth evaluations. Individualized plans include measurable goals and evidence-based strategies to foster positive behavior changes and skill acquisition, emphasizing ongoing evaluation and modification to ensure responsiveness to your needs.
Step 3

Treatment and tracking of results

Achieving notable progress is observed in 90% of children when recommended hours are fully implemented with active caregiver involvement.

The intensity of ABA therapy always adapts to your child's needs. With programs ranging from 10 to 40 hours per week, we ensure optimal progress without overwhelming your child, giving you peace of mind that their well-being is always our priority.
Step 4

We are here to support your whole family

Your treatment is supervised weekly to ensure positive outcomes. Regular meetings, feedback, and collaboration enhance child skills and promote effective therapy.

We also educate you with the knowledge and skills to support your child's behavioral goals. This active involvement creates a consistent and supportive environment, maximizing the impact of the provided therapy.

Meet our clinical leadership

Our team is made up of talented, compassionate professionals who value neurodiversity and strive every day to help children succeed.