Our Mission

Patient Centric

“The patient is at the center of everything we do.”
At Rori our primary focus is on understanding and addressing the unique needs and well-being of our patients with autism. We are dedicated to providing highly personalized ABA therapy and comprehensive support, empowering you and your family to navigate the autism care journey with confidence.Together, we strive to enhance the quality of life for those on the autism spectrum, helping them to achieve their fullest potential.

Family Focused

"Empowering families, embracing potential—united in autism care and support."
Together, we illuminate the path of support for individuals with autism, believing that within every family lies the strength and unity to overcome challenges. Empowering families, enriching lives, and embracing every individual's potential—this is the heart of our journey.

Behaviour Science
for Life

"Enhancing every day, enriching every moment for your child's life"
Our mission is to integrate the principles of behavior science seamlessly into the everyday lives of your children, regardless of place or setting. We are dedicated to applying evidence-based ABA strategies that are as versatile and dynamic as the environments in which your child interacts. Our approach is designed to support meaningful and sustainable progress in real-life situations, ensuring that learning and growth extend beyond the therapy session into every moment of your child's day.

50% more care

"Empowering with 50% more care, achieving breakthroughs together."
Our mission is to transform ABA therapy by seamlessly blending proven treatments with cutting-edge AI-powered technologies, promising to deliver 50% more care and support to each family and therapist in our community. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to enhance the effectiveness of our interventions, streamline therapy processes, and provide deeper insights into each child's progress. Together, we are committed to setting new standards in ABA therapy, ensuring that every child and family receives the heightened level of care and attention they deserve.

Founding Team

Dr. Jesslyn Farros

Founding BCBA & Clinical Director

Jesslyn is a visionary healthcare leader with over 15 years of industry experience. With a focus ontreating Pervasive Developmental Disorders in both children and adults, Jesslyn has dedicated her career to enhancing social behavior and perspective taking through behavioral therapies.

Kristine Le

Founding BCBA & Clinical Director

Kristine, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, leading facility in San Jose, CA. She has a strong background in developing clinical protocols and training staff in Applied Behavior Analysis. Kristine's commitment to quality care and her expertise in behavioral analysis make her an ideal fit for advancing our mission at Rori Care.